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With iconic national parks, majestic Mt. Kilimanjaro, and exotic beaches of Zanzibar Tanzania Destinations offer a unique opportunity to experience unappalled game viewing along with some of the best game drives on the planet. Embark on a journey from boundless vistas of Serengeti to the massive diversity of life in Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater, and Tarangire; witness the great game of survival. Truly, there’s nothing quite like it on earth.

Because of Tanzania’s vast area, we have divided all the major Tanzania Safari Destinations into four areas, namely:

Northern Safari Circuit – The most popular Tanzania safari route covering Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Tarangire, Mkomazi, Lake Manyara, and Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Tanzania Coast and Islands – The best beaches on exotic islands like Zanzibar, Pangani, and Mafia.

Southern Tanzania – Experience Tanzania’s best-kept safari secrets with wonderfully wild and underrated Nyerere, Selous, Mikumi, and Ruaha.

Western Tanzania – For off-beat Tanzania Safari Experiences, visit the corners of Gombe, Katavi, and Mahale.

Tanzanians enjoy a climate of freedom and peace, it values community and togetherness above all. Experience the authentic Tanzania Safari Tours with us.

When to go to Tanzania

Find out the best time to visit Tanzania with our month by month guide.

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January is the best time to see newborn babies in Serengeti National Park, especially wildebeest. January is the beginning of the "short dry season," and travellers should expect daily temperatures to reach around 30°C (86°F).


Continuing the "short dry season," February is also a great time to see newborn babies in Serengeti National Park. The north of Tanzania is more likely to be dry than the south, where the rains may be continuing from the wet season. Daily high temperatures will reach roughly 30°C (86°F).


March brings with it the beginning of the long rainy season - during this time, expect very high humidity and greater cloud coverage. March is also the low season in Tanzania, so, while traveller should expect daily rainfall, there should be considerably fewer tourists and lower prices. The average high temperature in March will be 30°C (86°F).


Another wet and rainy season, April is one of the best months for budget travellers to visit Tanzania. Not only is April the cheapest month to fly to Tanzania, but hotels and lodges will also often offer discounts during this low season. As with March, humidity levels will be very high during this time, and daily high temperatures will reach about 28°C (82°F).


While May is still considered the down season, levels of rain tend to fluctuate in this month. The one exception to this tends to be Zanzibar, which sees more rain in this month than any other area in Tanzania. Prices remain lower for this month, so May is also a great option for budget travellers unafraid of the rain. Daily high temperatures average 27°C (80°F).


For travellers looking to do a little bit of everything in Tanzania, June is possibly the best month to visit. The beginning of the dry season, travellers will enjoy the sunshine, fresh blooms, and incredible animal sightings. This is also a great time for a beach holiday in the area. Daytime temperatures tend to range from 25-30°C (77-86° F).


July is the dryest month in Tanzania, which makes it perfect for beach holidays, wildlife sightings, and family vacations - the dry weather lowers the risk of malaria. July is the last month the wildebeest and zebra will be found in Serengeti National Park, before beginning their migration to Kenya. Temperatures will reach a daily maximum of 26°C (79°F), and this is a great month for a camping safari.


August is a great month to visit for wildlife viewing since the dry season is in full swing and foliage becomes sparse. This month is also perfect for a beach holiday, as conditions will be warm but not too hot. Families, campers, and wildlife enthusiasts celebrate: this is your perfect month. Temperatures will average 25°C (77°F).


Another dry season with low humidity, September is one of the best times to visit Tanzania for wildlife experiences, as the wildebeest and zebra will have begun their migration back to Serengeti National Park. September is also a great month for diving and snorkelling, as sea visibility is better during this time. Daily temperatures will reach about 28°C (82°F).


Things begin to warm up again in October, but with that comes the beginnings of the wet season. While travellers certainly shouldn't expect the levels of rain the wet season will bring, they may experience bouts of rain throughout the day. This is a great time to visit Tanzania for beach holidays and wildlife spotting, and temperatures will reach highs of about 30°C (86°F).


The beginning of the short rains, November sees the end of the Great Migration and, subsequently, some great game viewing opportunities. Instead, this is a great time for budget travellers to visit, as there are far fewer crowds and prices are lower. There are still some amazing chances to spot animals on safari in November. Humidity sits at an average of 76% every day in November, so be prepared to sweat!


While December is technically part of the short rainy season, this generally doesn't last too far into the month - great news for the Christmas and New Year's travellers, who flock to the country for their celebrations. Expect to pay a premium to visit Tanzania in December, and to contend with crowds. December is a great time for birdwatchers, as migratory birds arrive in the country this month.

Tanzania Safari Activities

Hot Air Balloon Safaris Tanzania

Karanga Adventure is also organizing hot air balloon safaris over Serengeti and Masai Mara, Tarangire adventures aloft and Selous Balloon Safaris.

The departure time for all flights is on daily basis from 5:00 am. Serengeti Balloon Safaris will collect you from your central Serengeti lodge or camp, and transfer you by Land rover to the launch site near Maasai Kopjes. Here you will meet your pilot, receive a briefing and watch the inflation of your balloon.

At dawn we take off, rising as the sun rises and float in whichever direction the winds of the morning take us. Your pilot can precisely control the altitude of your balloon: sometimes flying at treetop height, sometimes lower, offering a unique perspective and great photographic opportunities of the wildlife below.

Horse Riding Tanzania

Galloping alongside a herd of zebra or wildebeest as they race across the open plains is a life long dream for many riders the world over. Horse riding in Tanzania offers the chance to make the dream a reality with well- bred, well- schooled horses, professional equipment and the luxury of miles and miles of country side to ride in.

Day rides are available from a few camps in Tanzania, for all levels of riders. Game animals are not afraid of horses in the same way that they are of cars or pedestrians, allowing visitors to approach the wildlife much more closely than usual.

Camel Safaris

Experience the thrill of camel back-riding across the African savannah, with a small group of friends or even alone, surrounded by tradition, wildlife and an outstanding scenery.

Camel safaris are the ultimate wilderness experience. They allow you to go deep into the heart of the bush where you can observe closely giraffes, zebras and many other animals without sitting in a vehicle all day, track elephants on foot and get in touch with the local communities that are perfectly knowledgeable of their rich cultural and natural heritage.

Mountain Biking Tanzania

For the fit and adventurous, mountain biking through the African landscape is truly an exciting experience. Avoid roads and traffic and ride through deserts and forests, up mountains and down valleys, through tiny villages and bustling market towns, into the true wilderness past herds of antelope, giraffe and zebra.

Night Game Drives

The bush is a completely different world at night which is what makes night drives so special. Manyara National Park is currently the only national park that allows this activity, an exciting once in a lifetime experience. At night animals behave quite differently than during the day, and you never know who you might encounter on a night out.

This is the exclusive domain of hunters such as lions and leopards, and the only time when you may catch a glimpse of such elusive nocturnal creatures as aardvarks, cape hares and bush babies, a unique experience well worth the time.

Walking Safari Tanzania

A walking safari in Tanzania through the African bush is a wonderful way to experience Africa intimately. Smells and sounds become distinct and varied, and smaller creatures gain significance. They are no longer simply rushed past in the race for the bigger game. When larger animals do appear, they are met at eye level; the land is truly shared between humans and animals. Safety is not an issue all walks are accompanied by armed, experienced guides and game rangers.

The best time for walking safari in Tanzania is during the dry season where grass are short which enable you to spot animal easily while at safe distance.

There are no words to describe the feeling of tracking a fresh set of lion prints or having an old elephant bull walk up to investigate you… or walking along with a few giraffe looking at you…

Boat Safaris Tanzania

The soft chug of an outboard engine, or the whispering flap of a canvas sail; the so-called blue safaris in Tanzania are a tranquil and relaxing way to watch wildlife, enjoy snorkeling, or simply admire the beautiful scenery of the waters edge. This is one of the best ways to see the Selous Game Reserve, up the huge muddy brown sweep of the Rufiji River, spotting hundreds of resident hippos and crocodiles. Sail into chimpanzee territory on a dhow, skimming over the fresh, crystal waters of Lake Tanganyika to Mahale Mountains National Park, or travel up the Wami River in Saadani, surrounded by amazing birdlife, hippos and crocodiles. Visit the Indian Ocean islands, sometimes several in a day, enjoying the coral reefs, marine life and birds of each island along the way.

Canoeing Tanzania

Canoeing trips are available in the Arusha National Park and are a wonderful experience, drifting past herds of elephant, giraffe, hippo and buffalo as you cruise along the shores of the lake surrounded by countless flocks of birds. Canoes are also available for rental throughout Zanzibar, which provide a perfect opportunity to enjoy the rare birds of Zanzibar’s many mangrove forests.

Photos from Our Tours

So while you await the moment you can book your next trip, you can savor the joys from our previous vacations and what made them so special. The year ahead promises a grand return to travel with Karanga Adventures, and we're eager to hit the road. We hope these snapshots reignite your desire to discover Mortorbiking Adventure, Kilimanjaro Climbing & Tanzania Safari! Follow Karanga Adventures today, our advice is based on first-hand experience; our recommendations are tried-and-tested.

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