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Karanga Adventure is an East African Safaris Expert offering sustainable safaris in the East African Region and the adjacent islands. Our African safaris are carefully designed to enable our clients travel responsibly and at the same time contribute to the economic empowerment of the communities visited in East African Region. All our African Safaris and car rental services are carbon free, we calculate the carbon foot of the African safari and offset at no extra cost to our customers.

Africa is a dream destination for many travelers. It offers everything from thrilling action-adventure to sheer, generous wealth. Our African Safari Experts take the stress out of planning your journey, while our comprehensive Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda Safari Guides put the fun into finding out where you want to go and what you want to see. Our advice is based on firsthand experience; our recommendations are tried-and-tested. Trust us to tailor-make a flawless itinerary for you.

Who we are

Karanga Adventures organizes all kinds of safari in Tanzania, trekkings (Kilimanjaro…) and various sports activities. But its specialty is the motorcycle safari (cross) organization that can be combined with a classic trekking or safari. This is a very original type of stay combining adventure and adrenaline in breathtaking landscapes, while being close to the animals and local populations. Pure happiness for motorcycle lovers! Several motorcycles are mentioned on the Karanga site («from the savannah to the coast»), but it is also possible to create a custom circuit.

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Alpha is motorbike enthusiast with a vast knowledge enabling him to take clients from hiking Mountains to wildlife safaris in the many fantastic parks and reserves. He has many qualifications including an Advanced Diploma in Wildlife management.

Karanga Adventure Tours is one of the rare tour companies that offer you Motorcycle Adventure Tours. Lets face it, we all need some adventure in our lives! Otherwise our lives will have no meaning. Explore virgin Africa on two wheels!

The concept of ecotourism is known as the magic triangle because it benefits local people, the environment and you (the visitor). We aspire to support the cultural ethics of the community while simultaneously assisting the community to embrace change.

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