Motorcycle Safety

Motorcycle Safety- Karanga Adventure Tours always have a briefing and technique class before any ride to avoid accidents as we start a trip and the ride will be only in day light hours. 

To ensure your safety, Karanga Adventure Tours keep track of the following:-

  • Karanga Adventure Tours provide good quality protective gear, and hand guards
  • Our Tour leaders are all trained in first aid response and we always take a medical kit, we take our time to guide you and the tour leader is always available to advise you.
    Drivers need not to have a special level of driving skills to participate; the circuit is open for off road learners.
  • The motorbikes are off-road models prepared in our premises (HONDA 250, 400cc XR). These bikes are light, maneuverable and easy to ride, yet has enough power to ensure plenty of fun! All our bikes are kept in top condition and are serviced before every trip.
  • Karanga Adventure Tours has a dedicated crew and support car with VHF radio and satellite telephone linked in permanence to the organization Flying doctors-Africa, where they can provide an aerial assistance anywhere and any time.
  • It is possible to participate as accompanying passenger in 4WD car on the same itinerary. The size of groups varies from 2 to 10 persons.
  • Karanga Adventure Tours is giving you a wide chance to have a customized itinerary e.g. lengthen the legs for the most demanding riders, we encourage everyone to find their own pace
  • Age limit for the bike riders we suggest to be at least 15 years old to 65 years.