This tour was designed for outdoor oriented people with a passion for nature and for motorbike enthusiast. It takes place in the north east of Tanzania. Accommodation will be in lodges, motel and bush camps which will always be ready for you. Meals will be provided during the trip, three meals a day on 3 – 4 courses every day, also bottled drinking water, which is highly recommended daily for safe and essential hydration. Trails are off road suitable for all skilled riders, amateurs to experts, and we encourage you to bring your own riding gear if you have it for your own comfort but gear can also be hired. Full time English speaking Guides and mechanics will be available at all times during the tour. 

Day by Day Itinerary

our safari starts from our HQ in Arusha, a bustling town located on the green slope of Mt. Meru. The trip will take you East along winding dirt trails away from the lush area surrounding the mountain and out into the savannah scenery of the Maasai plains. You will ride towards the wall of the Great Rift Valley at the base of which stands the mighty volcano Ol Donyo Lengai. After exploring this area of awesome, desolate beauty you will ride back to ‘civilisation’ at the Maasai trading post of Mto Wa Mbu. There you can choose to join a car to explore the National Parks of Lake Manyara, and the world-famous Ngorongoro Crater, or head back to Arusha.

Ol Donyo Lengai is an active volcano which last erupted in the 1960’s. It is revered by the Maasai as the home of ‘Ngai’, their god. It’s almost perfect cone looms over an area of astonishing barren beauty. At the foot of the mountain, there is an area of rocky desert. Here we find the cones of the small extinct volcano, and Lake Natron, a huge soda lake, which stretches up to the Kenyan border. Flamingos come here to breed and in the late afternoon sun, the colourful flamingo colonies make a spectacular sight, adding a dash of colour against the shimmering water.


Meet and greet from Karanga Adventure Tours staffs, from JRO airport you will be taken to the lodge for a refreshing, in the evening you will meet the bikes for personal adjustment and trial. If flying with Qatar Airways the plan will be well blended. In the evening we will take you to Arusha famous street for a dinner BBQ (vegetarian meals also available). On this evening we will give a briefing for the next day activities.
After dinner, we will take you around for a drink if interested but if much tired we will return you to the lodge for a rest of the night.

DAY 1: 220km good dirt trail, some sand and dust (first 80km on tarmac)

The safari starts in Arusha and your introduction African trail riding begins in the Maasai village of Longido. Here in the shade of a large thorn tree, we have a briefing, check the bikes, set up our gear and set off. The trail begins on a well-maintained dirt road, so you have a chance to get familiar with the machine and the terrain. Loose gravel and a little sand will ensure you have some fun and build your skills and speed. We ride through rolling country with scrub and scattered thorn trees and we will see colourful Maasai herding their cows and goats. We may also see antelope and zebra, and if we are lucky perhaps a predator

DAY 2: Rest and Explorations

After a night under the incomparable star-filled African sky, you will wake up refreshed. First, enjoy a hearty breakfast, and then we set off to explore the gorge that houses our campsite. A trail leads over boulders, and through narrow chasms. In some places, we cross the torrent and scramble up rocky walls. In some spots, we find strange cactuses clinging to the hot rock, in others we see lush ferns and palms in the damp shady gorge bottom. We duck under waterfalls and pass bubbling Jacuzzi-like pools and chutes where the brave can ride the natural water slide. Eventually, we arrive at the head of the valley, a huge natural amphitheatre cut into the imposing cliff. Here we find the source of the waters where many springs gush from the cliff walls and form pools and streams. We can play in the pools, shower in the waterfalls and enjoy our packed lunch.
We can also have a chance to ride to the hot springs, footprints and around the Lakeshores for a closer view of the flamingos. We return to camp for an early BBQ and then off to bed.

DAY 3: 65 km gravel trails, some corrugation, loose gravel and sand (plus 120km of fast easy tarmac for those returning to Arusha)

We pack up camp and follow trails which wind along the base of the rift valley to the Maasai trading post of Mto Wa Mbu. Along the way we will see Maasai in traditional dress tending their herds. There is a good chance of seeing game animals close to the track. Zebra and antelope are often in this area, perhaps we will even see a giraffe or if we are a very lucky elephant. We stop for a break at a huge crater, and then push on to Engaruka for lunch.

After lunch, we will head back to Arusha, where a cold drink will be waiting for us, and we can tell stories from our safari.

This package will take you along/around the following places:

  • Mount Meru 4th highest mountain in Africa
  • Active Volcano Mountain – Oldonyo Lengai
  • Montane and Rain forest of African tropic regions
  • World famous breeding site for lesser flamingoes, Lake Natron
  • Colorful people of world, The Maasai.
  • Wild Riding Grounds without wildlife – human conflict
  • Million star accommodation facilities
  • Delicious meals for your daily needs
  • Community Works and Support

B: Combination Options for the Tours in Tanzania

  • Climbing Kilimanjaro and Motorbike Safari
  • Climbing Kilimanjaro and Jeep Safari to National Parks
  • Safari and Motorbike Tours
  • Option of riding in Support Car

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