Motorcycle Adventure Tours

Karanga Adventure Tours is one of the rare tour companies that offer you Motorcycle Adventure Tours. Lets face it, we all need some adventure in our lives! Otherwise our lives will have no meaning.

We have established Motorcycle Adventure Tours to ensure you accomplish your dream of exploring Africa in your own unique adventurous style.

Our Motorcycle Adventure Tours take place on the Northern circuit,Tanzania. Our motorcycle tours give you a unique physical, psychological and mental experience. You get to feel the pleasure of the adrenaline rush in every part of your body. You get to feel an increased sense of self-confidence and self-esteem. You also get to enjoy the spectacular scenery, friendly people, and amazing wildlife. If that is not fun, I don’t know what is.


You can also choose to combine Motorcycle Adventure Tours with a safari or mountain trekking. Our safaris include climbing Mount Kilimanjaro,Mount Meru, nature walking, cultural tourism, wildlife adventure safaris, photographic tours and scenic beach holidays. Karanga Adventure Tours & Safaris provide the highest quality service and products for your investment. We offer a variety of tours throughout Tanzania.


We guarantee to take you off the beaten track on an itinerary specially designed to allow you to discover the scenic and authentic beauty of Tanzania and meet the local people who readily bring out their natural and enchanting hospitality. Well, this is also your special opportunity to create a cultural exchange with them.


Our choice of sites and areas visited were made with the view to give you the best services and most authentic experience. Accommodation varies from hotel to bush camping, which offers you the opportunity to encounter the local inhabitants and the wildlife. However, the safari program is quite flexible and we can tailor it to fit your particular interests and desires so that its design becomes more yours than ours.