Zanzibar Beaches


Zanzibar is an island about 23 miles off the East African Coast. Its very name evokes romantic associations – smell of spices, images of narrow streets, Arab chests, carved doors, coral reefs. It is a tourists paradise, with tranquil, warm tropical waters, many miles of beautiful sandy beaches on the Indian Ocean. Zanzibar has a rich and ancient past, having been the center for travelers sailing from distant lands of the Middle East by dhows.Zanzibar Beaches


Zanzibar was once the main trading center for the whole of East Africa. Due to the generally slower pace of life, its tranquility has survived


Zanzibar’s lasting mystique has attracted travelers from around the world for centuries.


In past generations ivory, slaves and spices were transported on large wooden sailing Dhows across the world.


Although spices remain a main export, Zanzibar’s main attraction is its beauty and the contrasting coasts of this magical Spice Island.


Diving from a boat in the clear, blue ocean off Zanzibar is one of the most exhilarating experiences to be had on a holiday in this part of East Africa. The visibility is usually very good, the water warm and marine life diverse.  Swaying weeds and soft corals are all crowded with minute organisms that are food for larger species. Shoals of fish weave and dart around in kaleidoscopic dances and octopuses, cuttlefish, sea urchins and sea cucumber can be seen widely.

 zanzibar beaches

Dhow cruising is very popular and a fantastic way to enjoy Zanzibar. A Dhow is a traditional wooden  sailing boat, powered by the wind. Cruising around the small islands on a sunset or sunrise cruise is a memorable and fantastic experience. With spectacular sunsets and a nice cold beverage, it is an awesome way to enjoy Zanzibar.