Udzungwa Mountains National Park


The Udzungwa Mountains National Park is perhaps one of the least known treasures of Tanzania. Within this park’s 1,990 square kilometres is a hiker’s paradise. A four hour hike in the bush and hills is rewarded with a spectacular view of the Sanje Waterfall cascading 170 metres to forested valley below.udzungwa mountains national park

Udzungwa Mountains National Park is part of the Eastern Arc Mountains, which is a series of mountains ranging from Taita Hills in Southern Kenya to the Makambako Gap in Southern central of Tanzania.

The mountain range sometimes is termed as “The Galapagos Islands of Africa” Galapagos Islands found in southern America has unique plants and animals. The eastern Arc Mountains are small and fragmented mountains each block having a patch of remaining dense tropical rain forests with high rainfall which seems as Islands in the sea of arid savannah vegetation.


The closed canopy forest provides a tranquil environment with the sounds from the hundreds of bird species, some only found in this area, creating a symphony of nature. The park is home to six primate species including the red Colobus monkey and Sanje crested mangabey which has only been spotted in this park.