Samburu National Park and Surrounding Area


The three game reserves, of Samburu National Park, Buffalo Springs National Reserve and Shaba National Reserve,  lie along the banks of Ewaso Nyiro River in one of the most unusual and attractive scenic areas of Kenya.

Situated approximately 400 km (240 miles) due north of Nairobi in a very dramatic area with Ololokwe (a large table mountain) in the background, views of the Mathews range of mountains in the distance, and Mt. Kenya dominating the south eastern skyline on clear days. This is an area of blue and purple landscapes, dry and barren, but with a beauty all of its own.samburu national park

The permanent river, which rises in the Aberdare mountains in the west, supports a wide variety of wildlife and some of the species, such ‘as Grevy’s zebra, Somali blue necked ostrich, the striking reticulated giraffe and the dainty gerenuk, are unique to this area.

Elephant families play in the waters, there are large herds of buffalo and (except during droughts) the river is host to large numbers of crocodile. Lion and cheetah hunt in the short scrub, leopard shelter in the high fever trees beside the river, and oryx and greater kudu are regularly sighted.

This is the home of the pastoral Samburu tribe, cousins of the nomadic Maasai.

Samburu & Buffalo Springs Reserve

The southern border of the Samburu Reserve and the northern border of Buffalo Springs lie alongside the river.

There are several lodges in the Samburu Reserve and the original tented camp in Buffalo Springs Reserve has recently been upgraded to offer more permanent accommodation.