Whale Watching- Zanzibar


Tanzania’s Indian Ocean is home to one of the least known populations of Humpback Whales in the world and is a great place to go whale watching. Researchers from Stockholm University and the University of Dar es Salaam are studying the Humpback Whales found near Zanzibar to learn more about their population and conservation status. The herds of migrating whales arrive in the waters around Zanzibar in late July, and August is now becoming the most popular month for sightings.whale watcing in zanzibar

At close range, humpback whales are easily distinguished from any other large whale by their remarkably long flippers, which are approximately one-third the length of the body.
In recent years, many different humpback whales around Zanzibar have often approached boats for “friendly” encounters. This phenomenon has been increasing over the years, probably related to a new generation of whales curious about boats.

Humpback whales pass by Mafia Island on their migration route between August and the end of October each year. During the season it may be possible to see them during organized whale watching trips or during other boat-based activities in Chole Bay and around the coast of Mafia.