Diving and Snorkeling in Zanzibar



The coral reefs off Tanzania’s coast around Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia Island offer some of the worlds finest scuba diving and snorkeling.

A diving paradise in East Africa, Zanzibar has a wealth of varied dive sites with different topography and conditions. There are sites with wall diving, continuous reefs, jigsaw-esque coral bommies, and of course there are the historical wrecks in Stone Town. With such an array of dive sites, there is something for every skill level of diver – from the first time beginner, to the seasoned advanced level diver.

Diving is possible all year round, however visibility is best from November to March, before the long rains set in.diving and snorkeling in zanzibar

In terms of marine life around the dive sites of Zanzibar you will always find a myriad of tropical reef fish, blue spotted rays, moray and ribbon eels, and other regularly seen species include octopus, barracuda, green turtles and hawksbill turtles. For some lucky divers they also get to see white-tipped and black-tipped reef sharks, and the whale-shark migration season runs from September until the end of the year.



For those who don’t dive there is a wealth of snorkeling opportunities around Zanzibar and the surrounding Islands. Many of the sites have reefs that almost reach the surface and the fish are accustomed to divers so crowd round you. The most famous place for snorkeling in Zanzibar is the beautiful Mnemba Atoll Marine Reserve. The area is well known for it’s fish life and you can expect to see lion fish, moray eels, sting rays and turtles swimming around in the shallow waters. If you venture further out the reef drops away into a big wall where you may see schools of giant trevally and emperor fish hunting, yellow snapper, barracuda and if lucky, turtles.