Horse Riding Tanzania

Galloping alongside a herd of zebra or wildebeest as they race across the open plains is a life long dream for many riders the world over.  Horse riding in Tanzania offers the chance to make the dream a reality with well- bred, well- schooled horses, professional equipment   and the luxury of miles and miles of country side to ride riding tanania

Day rides are available from a few camps in Tanzania, for all levels of riders. Game animals are not afraid of horses in the same way that they are of cars or pedestrians, allowing visitors to approach the wildlife much more closely than usual.

Camel Safaris

Experience the thrill of camel back-riding across the African savannah, with a small group of friends or even alone, surrounded by tradition, wildlife and an outstanding scenery.
horse riding tanzania
Camel safaris are the ultimate wilderness experience. They allow you to go deep into the heart of the bush where you can observe closely giraffes, zebras and many other animals without sitting in a vehicle all day, track elephants on foot and get in touch with the local communities that are perfectly knowledgeable of their rich cultural and natural heritage.